A Fire at Jan's House!
The Jan and Jason Show Episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 3
Guest stars Tom Kenny as King Thomp
Production code S103
Original Airdate April 19, 1988
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This article is about the episode. For the comic, see A Fire at Jan's House! (comic).

A Fire at Jan's House! is the 3rd episode from Season 1 of The Jan and Jason Show. The episode aired on April 19, 1988.

Episode SummaryEdit

Jan wants to go outside, But is raining outside. Jan is bored, Jan heard the door bell and see Geo Guy. he had a bump on his head, Jan need to take it out. When a Bomb came up to explodes everything. Jason came up to see the fire. Jan, Jason and Geo Guy need a get out in Jan's House.


The episode begins with Jan is bored. He wants to go outside, and he runs outside and it started to rain. Jan is very upset, because it's rainning outside. Geo Guy came here to talk to Jan. he had a bump on his head. Jan need to take that thing out. When a bomb is here and it explodes. Jan and Geo Guy runs and screams for the fire.

Meanwhile, at Jason's house, he was watching the news. when he looks at Jan's House was in fire. Jason needs to get Jan and Geo Guy out of Jan's House. Jan, Jason and Geo Guy were at Jason's House relaxing and watching TV, but when Jan looks at King Thomp, he tells Jason and Geo Guy to talk about King Thomp, but they laugh. Jan is angry and he punches Jason and Geo Guy. They started to cry. Jan says sorry to them.

King Thomp is going to destroy Jan, but he don't know. Jan, Jason and Geo Guy needs water to take out the fire, but They call the fireman to take out the fire. King Thomp is here to destroy Jan. He sprays King Thomp out his house and Jan's House is safe.

In the end of the episode, King Thomp was in Super Mario Bros.


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