Frankie Foster
Jan and Jason Character
Name Francis "Frankie" Foster
Gender Female
Age 22
Species Human
Eye Color None
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
First appearance Bloo
Last appearance Goodbye to Jan
Episode count All
Family Madame Foster (grandma)

Francis "Frankie" Foster is a character in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and the Jan and Jason series. He is voiced by Grey DeLisle

Allies: Bloo, Coco, Wilt, Eduardo

Enemies: Mac Foster

Likes: Mac in jail, spanking Mac, Mac doing mean things to her, Mac in trouble, Good behavior

Dislikes: Kisses from Mac, Kissing Mac, Mac helping her, Mac being nice to her, Mac doing nice things for her, bad behavior, Bloo's disrespectful

Fate: Frankie sends Mac to jail without a kiss, never to see each other again for the rest of their lives; decided to go their separate ways