Kermit the Hermit
The Jan and Jason Show Episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Guest stars Tom Kenny as Kermit the Frog
Production code S104
Original Airdate April 23, 1988
Episode chronology
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A Fire at Jan's House! Clubhouse Jan
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Kermit the Hermit is the 4th episode of season 1. It was aired on April 23, 1988.

Episode SummaryEdit

Jan, Jason and Geo Guy meets Kermit the Frog.


Jan and Jason have written a story called "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!" After hearing the story, Jan decides they head out to find the Muppet theatre. Geo Guy wants to have them build their very own car to get there, but they cannot decide what material to use. At the door, Geo Guy gets metal, wood, plastic, steel, straw, bricks, paper, grass and more, and he begins to build the homemade car. Jan begs Geo Guy to let him drive.

Homer suggests that they start going away from home. Jenny gets in to come in, so they can leave the home and then they pick up everyone and everybody, so the road trip goes on. They stop nearby at an alleyway. Then, Jan and Jason sneak over the wall by climbing upon it. They see a small house up ahead, and it turns out to be the Muppet Theatre!

Little Guy decides to make a shortcut in, but Jason and Geo Guy tunnel in. They offer to make a mixture of all ways to get in so they can meet the Muppets up close in personal. Jason tells everyone how he, Jason wanted to visit the Muppets, so Jenny decides to meet Kermit with them. Jason tells everyone how great is was to visit the Muppets, so they enter the theatre and Kermit learns Jan's secret handshake.

Then, Jason listens to the theme song as he is in the arches not seated in Kermit's place, because he itches that way. But he is still in Kermit's place. Then, he gets on stage to introduce the Electric Mayhem band, and Jan films him doing the show. But first, he introduces all the other acts, as the Electric Mayhem band is the finale. Then, they all wildly dance untamed with the Muppets. Pokey Toehair is tired of not being in the show, so he jumps in the Orchestra Pit, to play his saxophone for Zoot. Then, they finish up, so then they go back home.

Later, everybody watches the show on TV, while the party ends.


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  • First time Geo Guy drives the homemade car.