Zits 8, often simply called Z8, is an American cable television owned by News Corporation. The channel was launched on April 4, 1988.



In 1983, News Corpoaration said that they make a channel and they named Zits 1. On April 6, 1985, its cable channel Fox Network Television was launched and had gained an audience with its film library.

Zits 1 (1988-1994)Edit

At 12PM ET on April 4, 1988, Zits 1 was launched as an outlet for Fox's considerable library of animation.

Zits 2 (1994-1997)Edit

For the first few years of Zits 2's existence, programming meant for Zits 2 would also be simulcast on FOX in order to increase the shows' (and Zits 2's) exposure; examples include Geo's World, The Simpsons, and Greeny Phatom.

Zits 3 (1997-2001)Edit

In 1997, Zits 3 found 3 shows include South Park, Geo TV and Family Guy.

Zits 4 (2001-2004)Edit

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Zits 5 (2004-2005)Edit

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Zits 6 (2005-2007)Edit

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Zits 7 (2007-2009)Edit

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Zits 8 (2009-present)Edit

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Zits 9 (TBA)Edit

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